Playing Rights

You are an active golfer and searching for a (new) sporting home? Here we are! The advantage? Along with the annual fee goes NO entrance fee! Join the Tbilisi Hills Golf Community!

Further you will benefit from our status as EUROPEAN TOUR DESTINATION. Play abroad courses for a special preferential green fee rate. Our Proshop is pleased to inform you about more details. Join the European Tour Destinations Community!

Tbilisi Hills Residential
INDIVIDUAL playing right per year 4.500,00 GEL 3.000,00 GEL
COUPLE playing right per year 7.500,00 GEL 4.500,00 GEL
STUDENT playing right per year 750,00 GEL 750,00 GEL
JUNIOR playing right per year 450,00 GEL 450,00 GEL
GREEN FEE playing right per year 1.800,00 GEL* 1.800,00 GEL*

*plus 50% per round of above green fee rates

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