Information and suggestions paying golf at Tbilisi Hills during the global spread of COVID-19


To all our fellow humans here in Tbilisi and surrounding areas, we at Tbilisi Hills understand the fears and concerns that have now come in to our lives from the COVID-19 Virus. This however should not stop us from staying healthy and at least seeing the beauty that is still in this beautiful country. We at Tbilisi Hills offer both of these pleasantries. We welcome any and all people to come and enjoy a day out in the fresh air on top of the mountains here in Tbilisi. Golf is not a team sport which means you do not have to worry about being around too many people, we also offer full sanitary equipment for all people entering our premise. You can now walk around an absolutely gorgeous setting with clean, fresh air and also be able to get your blood flowing while playing a round of Golf.


Here at Tbilisi Hills we pride ourselves in a course that will be a challenge and a great experience for all players from beginner to a well-established, single figure handicapper. The course is a perfect example of what brilliant course design is all about. There are a few challenging holes that will leave you in a very difficult position should you not be landing in the right places, however there are many forgiving areas which allows you to have some form of safety should you not be hitting the right zones. There is a great mix between long par5’s and challenging par 3’s, the Par 4’s will really challenge your accuracy but for the longer hitters you will most likely find yourself with nothing but a pitch shot on to the sloped greens. Once you are on the greens the pace is challenging not to mention the big reads you will have to make in order to find that ideal line for the ball to be rolling to hit the center of the cup. So, no matter what level your game is at you are sure to be challenged in every aspect of the game.


During this time of crisis, we have made sure to keep our facilities in pristine condition so that any and all who enter our premises can take a moment away from the stress of everyday life as well as the COVID-19 virus. However, there is still some responsibility on you to practice safety during this time. We have provided a few pointers here that will help keep you protected while still enjoying your time on our incredible facilities.


A few pointers to keep safe whilst playing golf:

·        Avoid crowded areas such as Driving ranges or Putting greens;

·        Practice social Distancing; Drive in your own cart, walk at least 6 feet away from your golfing partners;

·        Sanitize often, especially after touching inanimate objects i.e.: Flagstick, Golf Cart, other players clubs;

·        Practice the elbow bumps or club taps instead of high fives and handshakes to congratulate your playing partners (this way the comradery is still up there);

·        Think twice about the 19th Hole;

·        Consider carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer in your golf bag during the round.
Our mental health is of Vital importance in such situations, and there is no better way to stimulate the mind than by being active, Golf allows you to do just this without the worry of going to a crowded Gym or running through the busy streets.


We as a club have put great measures in place to ensure the safety of each and every one of our members and guests. We have recently disinfected our academy building as well as our reception in order to follow WHO and Georgian government recommendations to ensure a clean environment. We have placed hand sanitizers to be readily available when walking in to the club house. All of our staff members sanitize their hands regularly and they have been given guidelines on the correct ways to interact with people in order to practice social distancing.  we have made sure that at the end of each and every day the staff remain behind to clean everything we touch to ensure that nothing will be left where the virus could be spread.

The course is open to all who wish to join and we would love to be able to share this beautiful opportunity to all who are tired of the worrying and being isolated because there are still too many people in and around the city itself.

Call us today to arrange a round of golf and a few hours of peace and tranquility during such a stressful and uncertain time…